By: Dave Andonaque
Editorial Assistant, The Astrals


     Ms. Suyoung Kim, Senior Program Manager of KOICA Philippines, shared her vision of supporting the plans of Northern Iloilo State University (NISU) for the island barangay of Carles during the Waste Management and Livelihood Program through Knowledge Sharing on July 21, 2022.

    KOICA and PHILKOFA have been consistently showing strong interest and support for Dr. Bobby Gerardo, NISU President, in his envisioned plans for extension projects such as the distribution of solar kits and medical and dental services for the households in the concerned areas of Barangay Gabi and Granada for the realization of various projects through funding its conduct.

     "KOICA strongly supports this meaningful activity as the Korean government aims to aid the development of 66 partner countries, including the Philippines, which has a high potential to grow more with a little support in addressing their critical problems. From this experience, we learned a nation can jumpstart its rise and shine with support and aid from partner countries, and that is why we support others," said Ms. Kim.

     During the activity, KOICA's goals were given light as participants from the different sectors of the community, including out-of-school youth, fishermen, barangay officials, students, and academe/teachers, were tapped for a brainstorming session served as a prelude to identifying various types of waste and household practices for solid waste management.

     "We are also well aware of the efforts of the NISU and the university president on recently conducted community outreach programs, which are crucial for the lives of the participants and much appreciated by the community. And now, we will continue to support the conduct of knowledge sharing on solid waste management and livelihood programs to strengthen the sustainability and resilience of Barangays Gabi and Granada," she added.

     Meanwhile, the results of the brainstorming elicited diverse responses from the participants. Every sector identified different kinds of waste and preferred practices, drawing commonalities and contrasting ideas on how they segregate their waste, making the dialogue open for criticism and suggestions.

     In an interview, Shelly Love T. Golingan, a teacher from Granada NHS, said that the activity is a big help for everyone and the community as a whole in the current situation they are facing on the island. It also awakens their environmental awareness that they must conserve natural resources by preserving them and through proper waste segregation.

    On the other hand, the creation of action plans from different sectors was realized under solid waste management and shell craft. Some of the proposed plans were the Construction Material Recovery Facility (MRF) 15x20m, Re-orientation of RA 9003, Solid Waste Management Training, Garbage Transport Facility, Asosasyon sang Mandadagat sa Gabi (AMAGAB), Gabi Women, and Basura Ta, Mapatahum sa Basura Mo.