By: Anthony Trayco
Correspondent, Publications & Information Office  
     To acknowledge the efforts of those who keep the NISU spirit ablaze, faculty members from various colleges attended the World's Teachers' Day celebration organized by the Northern Iloilo State University (NISU) community at University Gymnasium on October 13, 2022.
     Teachers cannot contain their priceless reactions as they see how students are very appreciative of their service. They are known to light up the torch of the next generation of young scribes worthy of being esteemed by society.
     "The university is once again united in recognizing the teachers for their hardwork and dedication not only for students but also for the stakeholders of the community, and with that, the university will fully support them on their enhancement engagements later on," said Dr. Bobby D. Gerardo, University President.
     Regen Andrade Jr., BSED 4-D, President of the Future Leaders of the Philippines, in his message, honors the teachers who give themselves in molding students not just in the surface of a book but to the depth of reality to combat the need of times.
     Meanwhile, Dr. Lebni T. Bernardino Jr., Directo, IPDU, introduced the respective colleges' games and gimmicks, which made the celebration ooze with laughter and fun.
     On the other hand, Dr. Andre Ravena talked through Health and Wellness while Atty. Zarian Lyn A. Gasapo appended as she reiterated the nobility of the teaching profession and its pivotal role in the development of new knowledge by discussing the Magna Carta for Teachers.
     Moreover, student organizations like the Supreme Student Council (SSC) and Young Environmentalist Association (YES) graced the celebration with their respective presentations showing great appreciation for the faculty members during the program.
     Also, students showcased their talents as they actively participated in the comedy skit contest. The event also showcased student-led tribute video presentations accentuating the firsthand experience of students with their instructors and professors and the gratitude they want to convey in line with the celebration.