By: Webster Jhon Cerujano
Correspondent, Publications & Information Office  
     To make the students aware of the medical and dental services, the University Dentist, Dr. Rey Jerome R. Barba, and the University Nurse, Mrs. Aileen R. Tan, share in an interview what the university clinic could offer to students.
     According to Dr. Barba, the dental section of the clinic has (1) dental surgery, which is the extraction of decayed teeth, (2) dental restoration, which is a procedure used to replace missing tooth structure supported by dental implants as well as to restore the function, feature, and shape of missing tooth structure caused by cavities or external trauma and also restoring teeth by filling restorative materials, (3) and consultations regarding dental problems of the students.
     When asked about the requirements, he points out that the students should present a valid University Identification Card (ID) to avail of said services.
     Furthermore, here are the words from Dr. Barba: "With the return to school of the students, I am encouraging our Main Campus students to visit the clinic and avail the services for their dental needs."
     Meanwhile, Nurse Tan enumerates the medical services that the University Medical Clinic offers, and among these are: (1) the ongoing remote consultation that is specifically for students who cannot visit the clinic face-to-face; (2) the on-site physical consultation, for which the students can visit the clinic anytime from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Friday; (3) the physical examination that is a requirement for off-campus activities; and (4) the first-aid services that are mostly offered for those who don't have an appointment.
     Additionally, Nurse Tan specifies that the students should have their appointments to easily avail of the said services. The same with the requirements of dental services: she highly encouraged the students to present their IDs, but if they were not available, they could use their library cards and registration forms, she clarified.
     "To all the students who are not feeling well, they are welcome to visit the clinic anytime. It is open during working hours from Monday to Friday. They may contact our clinic's Messenger and Facebook accounts, NIPSC HSO Main Campus. They can message anytime if they have inquiries or may consult through TeleMedicine because we are also doing triage, where we screen our patients for those who need face-to-face consultation," said Nurse Tan.
     The University Clinic is open to all students from the NISU Main and West Campuses.