Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs 




                The Academic Affairs Office provides leadership in providing optimum student success through Quality Instruction. The Academic Affairs fosters a conducive learning environment for students and faculty. It also works closely with faculty and stakeholders to support transformative education and excellence in teaching. The Academic Affairs Office is charged to oversee the academic programs and courses of the University.

            Specifically, Instruction functions of the University include areas of Faculty Development, Curriculum Development, Facilities and Equipment Development, Instructional Materials Development, Internal Quality Assurance, and Student Development and Auxiliary Services.



                The Academic Affairs Objectives:

  1. To improve the quality of existing academic programs through quality faculty and committed students.
  2. To promote leadership in designing and implementation of relevant academic programs to produce highly competent and quality graduates.
  3. To ensure that all students experience high impact learning activities.
  4. To provide facilities (e.g. libraries, classrooms, laboratories, and workshops) supportive of a highly engaged academic endeavor.
  5. To strengthen faculty competencies through scholarships, trainings, assistance, and fellowships.


  1. Build a world class Faculty.
          -Academic excellence begins with high Quality faculty.
  1. Develop academic programs that are relevant and contributory to nation building.
  2. Enhance the Quality of teaching and learning environment.
  3. Upgrade the quality of library, laboratory and physical facilities in support to instruction.
  4. Provide the faculty, staff and students the latest tool for leadership in teaching, learning and career development.