The university shall have the following goals:

  1. Produce human capital imbued with scientific and technological skills endowed with desirable values and work ethics;
  2. Provide quality education in the fields of industry, agriculture, fisheries, technology, sciences, education and other relevant undergraduate and graduate programs;
  3. Establish a university research culture responsive to community and global needs;
  4. Enhance research-based extension programs and transfer of sustainable technologies;
  5. Maximize productivity through efficient and effective resource management; and
  6. Strengthen linkages with local, national and international partner-agencies.




  1. Provide quality, competent, productive and ecologically conscious agricultural technologists and entrepreneurs equipped with a broader, and updated knowledge and skills in their field of specialization;
  2. Promote, initiate, collaborate and undertake relevant research and development activities in agriculture in line with local, regional, national thrusts and priorities;
  3. Promote, initiate, collaborate, and undertake sustained outreach activities in the local and regional levels;
  4. Serve as show window of appropriate, profitable and ecologically sound agricultural production and processing technologies; and
  5. Share technical expertise and facilitates with other government and non-government agencies in line with agricultural development thrusts programs and projects.



The graduates of BSA program can:

  1. Create, generate and share knowledge as it apply to specific problems in the discipline;
  2. Formulate sustainable and productive agricultural development;
  3. Apply scientific method in the conduct of research activities;
  4. Understand and apply the concepts of agricultural productivity and sustainability in the context of national, regional and global developments;
  5. Engage in agricultural production and post-production activities;
  6. Promote sound agricultural development technologies to various clients and in the man power development for agriculture; and
  7. Employ relevant tools in information technology in solving agriculture-related problems.


Program Offerings:

Barotac Viejo Campus:
     1. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture major in: 
               Crop Science
               Animal Science
Batad Campus:
     1. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (General Curriculum)