"The BS in Criminology Department is envisioned as significant educational department which is actively and continually involved in turning out grades who will lead the nation in addressing the vital problems of the crime control and meeting the demands for global competitiveness."



 "The mission of Criminology Department is to provide the community with the professionally competent and morally upright graduates who can deliver efficient and effective services in the field of criminology."


Goals of the College of Criminology

 Product highly efficient, well-disciplined, and competent Criminology graduates with basic knowledge and essential skills to carry out law enforcement functions and maintenance of peace and order in the country.


Objectives of the College of Criminology

1. To provide opportunity, instruction and guided experiences by which students learn the basic knowledge and acquire the skills essential to the practice of Criminology.

2. To provide students with a broad cultural background and an understanding of constitution guarantees and due process requirements of law in so far as they affect the total administration of justice.

3. To encourage research and inquiry along the field of Criminology and Criminal Justice.

4. To foster higher concepts of citizenry, accountability and leadership, and an understanding of one's moral and legal responsibility to his fellowmen, his community and his country.


 Program Offerings:

   1. Bachelor of Science in Criminology