The school hopes to be capable of producing the manpower needed in effecting the changes toward community development and progress for a more satisfying life.




The school is committed to:

   1. Produce the professional manpower who can be the answer to the demands of a dynamic, technological, challenging, and rapidly developing local and global communities.
   2. Update faculty to enable them to provide the latest in the arts and the sciences to produce quality graduates.
   3. Equip the learning environments with facilities that will stimulate and develop critical thinking among scientifically and academically oriented students.
   4. Expose faculty and students to activities and experiences which will enable them to be scientifically, academically, and aesthetically oriented to a challenging world behind a rich, colorful, and valuable past.


Program Offerings:

   1. Bachelor of Arts in English Language
   2. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
   3. Bachelor of Science in Biology
   4. Two-Year Midwifery