1. Produce students who are equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills needed for their profession and with positive desirable values to become successful teachers.
     2. Increase the competence/capability of its faculty who will provide quality education to help the students maximize their potentials to become useful and productive members of their community.
     3. Encourage research to cultivate the spirit of inquiry in students so they will truly become agents of change in their community.
     4. Promote critical and creative thinking in the students to bring about the spirit of inquiry and intellectual endeavor for the improvement of their community.
     5. Provide activities that will enhance the total development of the students.


Objectives of Teacher Education Department

     1. To turn out competent graduates in the polytechnic areas, who are prepared for occupational and professional requirements, and gainful employment.
     2. To improve the instructional resources e.g. libraries, classrooms, laboratories and workshops.
     3. To provide opportunities for student’s expressions of their aesthetics, physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.
     4. To strengthen faculty competencies through in-service programs, scholarships and study assistance’
     5. To support the faculty to undertake research aimed at improving the teaching and learning situation.

Program Offerings:

     1. Bachelor of Elementary Education
      2. Bachelor of Secondary Education major in:
               Social Studies

Objectives of the Graduate Education Program

     1. Produce effective school leaders, teachers and high level professional in education and other services/fields;
     2. Stimulate research, and encourage the use of research results to solve social problems;
     3. Increase competence of the school administrators, teachers, educational management, teaching and public service;
     4. Promote critical and creative thinking and contribute to the advancement of knowledge and;
     5. Widen and deepen the perspectives of graduate students for better adjustment in the changing environment. 

Program Offerings:

     1. Doctor of Education major in:
               Educational Management
     2. Master of Arts in Education major in:
               Educational Management
     3. Master of Arts in Teaching