Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance

 Administrative, Support & Finance Services




The administrative, support and finance services is envisioned to become dynamic and supportive components in the achievement of the goals and objectives of the State College.
To become a competent service provider to the different operating units of the college and to the community.





The Administrative, Support and Finance Services are committed to:
1. The administrative and support services is committed to provide effective and efficient support services to the faculty, staff, students and other members of the academic community and to the different operating unit of the State College.
2. Sustain a responsive support service to all operating units of the state college.
3. Bring the College at the doorstep of partner-client, thus bringing the college to the community in which the client can access the services of the college; and,
4. Fully maximize the productivity of the financial requirements of the state college.




More specifically, the Administration, Support and Finance Services shall aim to:
1. Strengthen the level of commitment of the facilitative and support services.
2. Optimize the use of budget.
3. Maximize the use of underutilized human and material resources.
4. Enhance partnership with identified agencies.
5. Strengthen linkages with other local government units.
6. To enhance competencies, skills and attitudes of personnel through trainings and seminars.
7. To make representation to proper authorities on creating or establishing evaluation system for upgrading non-teaching personnel similar to NBC 461.
8. To establish uniform policies throughout the NIPSC System for consistency.
9. To create formal and organized public relation programs and policies.
10. To widen linkages with local and foreign agencies and NGO’s for financial support.
11. To maximize utilization of funds.
12. To implement Quality Management System for ISO certification and accreditation in all departments.