5th Regional Research Conference
October 5-7, 2022, Mini-Theater
Theme: Leveraging Technology through Quality Transformative Multidisciplinary Research


Albert Szent-Györgyi, Hungarian  pharmacologist known for his work on vitamins and oxidation, a Nobel Prize awardee in Physiology or Medicine in 1937 said and I quote:

Research is seeing what everybody else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought”,


To our invited guests, Dr. Raul Muyong, President of ISAT-U and Regional Chairman of RASUC, panel of experts, university officials, faculty and staff, ladies and gentlemen, good morning.


May I take this moment to warmly welcome our guests, especially Professor Yungcheol Byun of Jeju National University, Korea, our Keynote Speaker, a good friend of mine, a research partner for already a decade and an adopted son of the Province of Iloilo.



Along with the University vision to be “A globally competitive State University in Asia”, we had crafted important strategic goals such as “establishing research culture responsive to the community and global needs” and strengthening linkages with local, national and international agencies in order to realize this vision.


Northern Iloilo State University is committed to be a leader in producing knowledge that could help improve way of living, enhance teaching and learning environment and transfer of technology to the community to alleviate their economic conditions. Dream with me to realize this vision and attain our strategic goals!


Hiraya Manawari! A tag line from the Futures Thinking Society of the Philippines, where NISU is already an active partner. Hiraya Manawari is an ancient Tagalog that figuratively means "reach your dreams". Hiraya is a deeper form of "sana" meaning hopefully while manawari is "matupad" or to happen. We dream that in our university, the faculty and staff will become proficient and competent in research and extension undertakings and that they could produce novel works in the realization of this dream. Hiraya Manawari! 


The conduct of this 5th Regional Research Conference, is already a testament that NISU community is beginning to achieve this vision. For three days our faculty members coming from the seven (7) campuses will present their completed researches. Some may have potentials to be upgraded and be published in reputable journals. We fervently pray that our panel of experts will help us in this undertakings. In advance, we sincerely express our gratitude to our panelists for your presence and assistance that you could extend to our faculty-researchers.

Our deepest appreciation to the organizing team, led by the Vice President for Research and Extension, Dr. Allemar Jhone Delima, Dr. Ma. Ivy Agreda, Director for Research, Other Vice Presidents, Campus Administrators and to our dear faculty members.


In ending, may I take this lines from Edward Hale, an American author and historian, best known for his writings such as "The Man Without a Country":

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”


Thank you very much. To God be the Glory! Mabuhay Tayong Lahat!




July 8, 2022, 8:00 AM, University Gym
University President, Northern Iloilo State University
Photo credit: Engr. Raul D. Deguma 

Greetings to the University Officials: Dr. Alma Defacto, VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Raffy Chavez, VPAF, Dr. Fernan Tupas, VPRE, Dr. Jeff George Delima III, Director for Student Services and Director General of the first University Commencement Exercises, Dr. Jomartin Limson, Dean, College of Management and Grand Marshall, Deans and Chairpersons, graduating students, academic awardees, parents, ladies and gentlemen good morning.


 May I start my message with a quote from Grand Master Oogway .The quote comes from the animated film, Kung-Fu Panda. Kung-Fu Panda is the story of Po, a large and clumsy panda who dreams of being a great martial artist. He is announced as the next Dragon Warrior, much to the humiliation of the great master Shifu and the Furious Five. Throughout his training, it seems like there has been a mistake as Po’s clumsy and lazy attitude makes him virtually untrainable. 


The quote comes from middle of the film as Po starts his training with Master Shifu and the Furious Five. Po does not do well with the training and decides to take refuge away from the temple. Po meets up with Master Oogway and he tells him about how much he sucked at training and the others hate him. He thinks about quitting as he does not seem to have the mettle to be the legendary Dragon Warrior. Master Oogway tells him he’s too concerned about the past and the future then delivers the quote.


-“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why we call it ‘The Present”. The awards that we will bestow to you today is our gift to you being exemplary in your respective degrees. You need not to worry about the future but make use of the current opportunities to realize your dreams and be successful on your chosen careers.


Today marks your significant achievement in your degrees because this awarding ceremony recognizes your excellent performances in academic and co-curricular activities. For graduating students, this event is an important one to remember since you will be announced as the first graduate of batch 2022 under Northern Iloilo State University. For non-graduating students, this recognition is a prelude to finish your course in our university. I hope that this will motivate you further to do well in your future academic engagements as you complete your respective courses.


I would like to share to you a statement from the famous inspirational writer– H. Jackson Brown, Jr.”, and I quote, “Don’t work for recognition, but do work worthy of recognition.


Hard work and dedication will for sure propel success in your degrees. Being good in your studies is already an achievement, but receiving an award is an additional compliment to further motivate you to do more good things and also to encourage your peers to do the same good deeds.


With the current challenges on the existing degree programs offered at NISU, I am determined to lead the implementation of enhancement on certain programs especially in Education, Information Technology, Engineering, Fisheries and Agriculture programs. The goal is to prepare these programs to become globally competitive and attain certain level of excellence. The new and proposed curricular offerings are geared towards responding to the current demands of the time, and to produce graduates that are essential to industry’s needs.


We will continue to improve our services as a higher education provider and will bridge our graduates to promote job employment opportunities. It is our hope that this university through our graduates will bring NISU in the national limelight. To be recognized as an institution that promote quality education and producers of excellent workforce.


With this, I do hope that you will demonstrate in your respective jobs or future career opportunities the values and education we had imparted with you. Always bring our good name as you pursue successes in your respective career path.


You have been tough and resilient in your efforts to reach your dreams for your self and for your family. Due to pandemic, this is for sure a hard time for all of us, yet let these experiences be a lesson for all of us to be more stronger in facing the future. The learning that you obtained from our university and the experiences you got as student will for sure guide you to achieve your goals and become successful in your career.


My congratulations and a job well done to our faculty and non-teaching personnel at NISU for your continuing guidance and love to our students. We will continue to provide quality education at NISU with your non-ending support, and will offer new opportunities to our graduates that would land descent jobs locally and internationally. Thank you for choosing NISU as your home of learning and opportunity for your career growth. May the values and virtues of our university be forever in your hearts.


We are very proud of you and your academic achievements! You are our example of success, and we are grateful to have you in our university. Keep up the good work. You deserve this award! Congratulations for a job well done!


Northern Iloilo State University: our pride, our institution. To GOD be the glory!



NISU Confirmation and Oath taking of the First University President 


The long wait is over due to the recent development that NIPSC conversion to a university was finally acted upon by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). NIPSC was elevated to a university through Republic Act No. 10597 as amended by Republic Act 11005, and upon the confirmation by the CHED En Banc Resolution no. 222-2022 dated April 26, 2022. Hence, the school shall be called as Northern Iloilo State University (NISU).



A ceremony for the inauguration of NISU was conducted last April 28, 2022 at the University gym at the main campus, Estancia, Iloilo, Philippines. The program includes declaration of NIPSC as a University, and this was followed by the oath-taking of the first University President Dr. Bobby D. Gerardo, which was initiated by the CHED Chairman J. Prospero “Popoy” De Vera. The last part of the program was the unveiling of the University Landmark, assisted by the CHED Regional Director Raul Alvarez, Jr., Cong. Boboy Tupas, Cong. Junjun Tupas and other key officials.



This grand milestone to our institution reflects the hard work, perseverance, and leadership of the past administrations and at the same time the cooperation of the entire academic community of NIPSC.



Let this moment be a time for us to recognize their great contributions in building a solid foundation as we journey towards greater heights in achieving the university status. To our past college presidents, former officers-in-charge,  former vice presidents for academic affairs, research and extension, resource generation and administration and finance, retired and past campus administrators and other key officials who are present today… without your time and your loyal service to our institution, this dream shall never be turned into reality.  Thank you for being part of this achievement.


The journey does not end to where we are now. We shall continue to sail bringing with us our new set of mission, vision and goals as we deliver the mandate of Northern Iloilo State University to the people of this great nation.


Chair “Popoy” de Vera, the NISU Board of Regents and in front of our stakeholders, I humbly accept with all my heart the role as the first University President of this institution of higher learning in the 5th District of Iloilo, said Dr. Gerardo. I will continue to commit myself to lead this university towards achieving international status, placing NISU as Centers of Excellence or Development and looking for more valuable outputs through our intensive research works and international programs.


Beyond the name and status of being a university we shall also upgrade our commitment and dedication. I call upon my teaching force to continue to inspire, cultivate, and mold our young generations and prepare them to become as better citizens of our country armed with the NISU values and aspirations. To my non-teaching staff, continue to deliver our best services to our clienteles and remain to fully support the system following the standards, rules and regulations set by the government instrumentalities.


I am one with you in this glorious moment. Let us thank our dear Lord for this wonderful gift we have prayed for almost nine (9) years, all for His glory. My deep appreciation also to the principal authors of Republic Act 10597 by Former Congressman Niel “Junjun” C. Tupas and Republic Act 11005 by Hon. Congressman Raul “Boboy C. Tupas, thank you for the undying support to the institution built and loved by your father, the Former Assemblyman and Governor of the Province of Iloilo, Niel D. Tupas Sr. My heart shouts with gratefulness to our CHEDRO6 family for the support during our university hood quest. Thank you to the Commission on Higher Education, no less than, the Chairperson himself together with his staff who travelled this far and brought with them a new history to our institution.


We shall bid farewell to our old name but shall brought forward our desire in making and proving Northern Iloilo State University as an Icon of Hope for Development.


Hail to the star of the north, Mabuhay Northern Iloilo State University! Our Pride! Our Institution!


 September 23, 2021


NIPSC’s 65th Founding Anniversary:

“Icon of Hope for Development”


President Bobby Gerardo (5th from left), Former President Ma. Theresa Palmares (6th), VPs and Campus
Administrators during the NIPSC 65th Founding Anniversary, September 23, 2021, College Gym

Greetings to our esteemed guests and colleagues in government service, Presidential Leadership Awardees, Benefactors, Loyalty Awardees, Ladies and Gentlemen, good morning.


Today we celebrate our founding Anniversary with a theme “NIPSC – An Icon of Hope for Development”. A phrase referenced from my four (4) years development agenda tailored for this institution to pave way for development and its contribution to community development. An icon will mean, a symbol that everyone should look after in the hope of bringing economic development for the Filipino families in the fifth district and its contribution to local and national development efforts.


With the current challenges on the existing degree programs offered at NIPSC, the President is determined to lead the implementation of enhancement on certain programs especially in Education, Information Technology, Engineering, Fisheries and Agriculture programs. The goal is to prepare these programs to become globally competitive and attain certain level of excellence. The new and proposed curricular offerings are geared towards responding to the current demands of the time, and to produce graduates that are essential to industry’s needs. The proposed establishment of various Research Centers and as well as the Technology Business Incubation (TBI) Facilities will surely propel faculty undertakings on research in order to produce innovative ideas, research publications and product commercialization.


The plan of NIPSC President to help establish a Local Economic Zone in the 5th district in coordination with the local government units would surely promote job employment opportunities for our graduates and will strengthen the school- community collaboration through joint undertakings of projects to support locally produced products for national and international markets.  Incubation graduates in the TBI could become candidates in the Local Economic Zone, where they could have opportunities to further expand their product commercialization.


With his well-founded education in Korea on information technology, the President is bound towards enhancing the E-learning System of the school to facilitate better teaching and learning activities among students and professors. This will form part of the flexible/blended learning modality that we wish to use in our system to improve the learning outcomes of our students. It is hoped that a good learning digital platform could be a contributor towards better learning experiences of our students.


“Dream with me and let’s work with dedication in realization of our mission and vision”- Let’s possess the characteristics of being zealous to make this school achieves the high level of recognition as a quality higher education institution and as an “icon of hope for development”.


As President, I am declaring the 65th Founding Anniversary OPEN!



NIPSC as an Icon of Hope for Development