Director, Communications and International Collaborations (CICO)
Duties and Functions:
  1. prepare, maintain and manage all communications or documents in relation to student and faculty exchanges, study visit and the like between and among academic partners;
  2. review all international MOUs and MOAs for endorsement to the Academic/Administrative Council and to the Board of Trustees;
  3. identify, present and discuss issues to the Executive Committee (ExeCom) in relevant to international collaborations policy;
  4. respond to proposals referred by the Schools and Campuses on international linkages;
  5. provide forum, training or seminar for the development and exchange of good practices in international activities; and
  6. serve as liaison officer in relation to international research and academic collaborations with other agencies.



Director, Language Center
Duties and Functions:
  1. manage the short-term and long term over overseas students' ESL course program operations;
  2. oversee the operations of foreign language training programs for university staff and students work in progress during program completion;
  3. develop and organize exchange programs for oversees students staying in the University (like exchange of cultural events, etc.);
  4. monitor the overall effectiveness of the language program to ensure that the guidelines are properly implemented;
  5. update modification in the language program and reports the outcome/result to the Dean;
  6. recommend coordinators/assistants and teaching staff for all language programs; and
  7. perform other functions assigned by the supervisors.


 International Partnership

  • Phranakhon Rajabhat University
  • Mikrotik Academy
  • Classera
  • Innovative Training Works, Inc.
  • Southeast Asians Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO)


Local/National Partnership 

  • Estancia Local Government Unit
  • Department of Social Welfare and Development Western Visayas
  • University of Mindanao - Tagum College
  • C&E Adaptive Learning Solutions
  • Huawei Philippines