By: Prof. Mark Anthony P. Lopez
Associate Editor, Ad Astra
     Driven by this commitment to serve, achieve, and realize the mission of the State College, Dr. Bobby D. Gerardo, SUC President II, started the initial stage of his project: “Household Solar Kits for Island Barangay of Carles, Iloilo affected by Typhoons,” duly funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), Philippine KOICA Fellows Association, Inc. (PHILKOFA) and the NIPSC Extension Services Office.
     The “household solar kits” is one of the three (3) conceptualized special projects of the College Pesident to be implemented this year including the solid waste management system and the medical-dental kits to various adopted communities of the College.
     With the help and expertise of Dr. Rodel D. Dosano, a Professional Electrical Engineer,  they trained the BSIT Electrical Technology students, faculty members and GSO staff and gave them hands-on experience on the installation and maintenance of the solar kits. The trainees will further teach the beneficiaries on the operation and proper care of the equipment.
     The beneficiaries of this project will be the underprivileged families/households affected by the typhoons in the adopted barangay of Gabi, Carles, Iloilo giving them light and comfort during night time and electric power able to charge cellphones, gadgets and solar appliances.
     The solar kits include the solar panel, battery, five (5) light bulbs, charging ports, electrical wires and circuit breaker.