By: Prof. Mark Anthony P. Lopez
Associate Editor, Ad Astra


     Dr. Bobby D. Gerardo, NISU President, held an Administrative Council Meeting on April 23, 2022 at the University Library duly attended by the Vice Presidents, Campus Administrators, Deans and Directors of Colleges and Institutes, Directors and Associate Directors of Offices and Program Chairpersons to discuss new directions for the institution’s newest milestone achievement.

     “It is not only about changing of the naming convention from College to University but the very essence of being a university is the additional burden that will be put on our shoulder, expect more work and more goals to be achieved,” said Dr. Gerardo.

     He emphasized in the next stage of the journey, the university will expand and offer new advanced studies like the Master in Information Technology, Master of Engineering, and Doctor in Public Administration. Added also to this plan is the offering of Bachelor of Library and Information Science, Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering for the undergraduate programs.

     Part of his plan is the preparation towards application of strong programs of the university as Center of Excellence or Center of Development for fisheries, agriculture, information technology, engineering, and teacher education.

     NISU would further benchmark with top local and international universities in terms of their classrooms and learning facilities including the upgrading of teaching methodologies.

     Dr. Gerardo also stressed the upscaling of research and extension projects and programs that would level up considering other interesting topics essential to the current and future studies that would generate knowledge and can be implemented to the community.

     There is also an immediate plan with the Communications and International Collaborations Office (CICO) to forge ties with local and international institutions to further enhance and level up programs and activities with the University’s partners. He also underscored to increase the number of international partners for development and excellence in all areas. 

     Another direction of the University President is to increase the board examination passing percentages in all board courses. “…I call upon the Deans and Directors to come up with tactical plans on how to further improve the passing percentages… if we wanted to have a spot in the national or international level recognitions, we should excel in board examinations,” said Dr. Gerardo.

     Another target of NISU is the employability of the graduates. With this, the University should focus on hiring highly qualified faculty members. Since faculty resource is very important, skilled and highly trained faculty would yield quality and skilled graduates that would give better edge towards employment so sending faculty members to special trainings and advanced studies abroad are now one of the priorities.

     Awarding of Plaque of Recognition of two officials became the highlight of the Council’s Meeting. President Gerardo recognized Dr. Jomartin C. Limson for his role as the Focal Person for the Universityhood conversion and Dr. Jeff George V. Delima III for his leadership during the immediate planning for the University Inauguration held on April 28, 2022.