As an integral part of a dynamic educational institution, the NIPSC Library aims to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, research and relaxation. For this reason, library users are expected to conform to certain standards of conduct to maintain conducive learning environment.

In order to perform its functions to the satisfaction of all library users the following rules should be strictly observed:

  • Silence and proper decorum must be observed at all times in the library.
  • Smoking, eating or doing industrial works are strictly prohibited.
  • Chairs are to be returned to their proper places before leaving.
  • Leaving waste papers and other scrap on the tables, chairs or floor is forbidden.
  • Books in the reading areas should not be returned to the shelves but left on the table to avoid being misplaced.
  • Use of library card. No library card no entry.
    • All bonafide students, faculty and staff of NIPSC are entitled to the use of the library upon presentation of their library cards. Library card is a permit to enter and use library materials. This card is non-transferable. Library cards used by non-owners will be confiscated.
    • Validated library card must be presented when borrowing and returning library materials.
    • All library users should present their library card before entering the library. No Library Card, No School ID, No Entry.
    • Upon leaving the library, all library users are required to: 
      • Open and show their bags, folders and big envelopes.
      • Show every library materials that are to be taken outside of the library for inspection.
g. Bags, brief cases, attaché cases, large envelop, packages etc. should be deposited in the control counter. Only valuable things are allowed to be brought inside the reading  area.
h. Mutilation, vandalism, theft and the likes are punishable. Writing on books, library tables and chairs, theft of any library materials, tearing of pages and all other forms of mutilation are strictly prohibited and are subject to disciplinary actions. The penalty shall be prescribed by the student affairs office to which a report shall be sent by the librarian.
i. Lost library cards should be reported immediately. Replacement will only be issued upon   presentation of affidavit / certificate / letter of loss and submission of 1x1 ID picture. Replacement is done only once in a semester. (Applicable only for the external campuses.)
j. Students who request for clearance or withdrawal from the school shall surrender his / her library card to the librarian.
k. Walk in researchers are required to submit referral letter from library or agency where he/she is connected. Researchers are required to present an identification card.
l. For class researchers, it is necessary for teacher to do arrangement with the librarian two days before to give ample time for book availability for the whole class.
m. Open shelf system is used. Any users may go directly to the shelves to find wanted books. Borrowed books should be presented to the charging personnel for checking and recording.

The library offers the following services to its users:


  1. Orientations
  2. Instruction
  3. Loan Services
  4. Reference and information services
  5. Photocopy services
  6. Internet services
  7. Printing
  8. Laminating
  9. Electronic resources (e-books, e-journals etc.)
  10. Free Wi-Fi
  11. Automated attendance system
  12. IAMSLIC Digital Fisheries Library

NoteThere are services which are not applicable to other campuses.


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