S - trategically aims to become the center of excellence and development in the service area of NIPSC;

I - mprove the offering of the relevant technological programs; and

T - ransfer technological knowledge and skills to clienteles and stakeholders.




In pursuit of our VMGO, the School of Industrial Technology intends to have:

T - echnologically oriented professionals who would

E - nhance technology and competent technicians who would become

C - ompetitive skilled workers who are

H - ighly trained entrepreneurs that would

N - urture industry leaders to meet the

O - pportunities in the growth and development of small and medium industries in the service area.




The School of Industrial Technology aims to produce tehnologically-oriented professionals equipped with necessary knowledge, skills and desirable             attitude and values.




  1. Prepare and train the students for appropriate competency standards by providing competent faculty, relevant curriculum, modern facilities and               strong industry linkages;
  2. Enhance the acquisition of knowledge, skills and work ethics of students in preparing them to be entrepreneurs, practitioners and industry leaders;
  3.  Provide quality and relevant academic and technological instruction necessary to the development for critical thinking;
  4.  Expose students in hands-on learning experiences that will develop skills and work values needed for employment;
  5.  Provide training for self-employment and entrepreneurship to promote creativity, innovativeness and productivity;
  6.  Conduct research to improve classroom instruction and
  7.  Provide extension and community services that enhance the transfer of knowledge and technology to the stakeholders and to the people in society.




Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology major in:

Automotive Technology
Drafting Technology
Electrical Technology
Food Technology