Administrative and Finance Services


To become a competent service provider to the different operating units of the college and to the community.
The Administrative and Finance Services is committed to:
  1. Sustain a responsive support service to all operating units of the state college.

  2. Bring the College at the doorstep of partner-client, thus bringing the college to the community in which the client can access the services of the college; and,

  3. Fully maximize the productivity of the financial requirements of the state college.



More specifically, the Administration and Finance Services shall aim to:

  1. Strengthen the level of commitment of the facilitative and support services;

  2. Optimize the use of budget;

  3. Maximize the use of underutilized human and material resources;

  4. Enhance partnership with identified agencies; and,

  5. Strengthen linkages with other local government units.

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